Usage reports for prepaid phones

My employer is considering purchasing some prepaid phones for several new temporary employees whose primary role will be to make weekly phone calls to our clients. We would like to keep track of the calls made with these phones, so I'm wondering what sort of call reporting is available on the My Verizon page for prepaid phones? A sales rep told me that each wall was listed and that the list is updated hourly, but I am wondering if the list is downloadable, or if it is only viewable through the webpage.


Can anyone help me out? A screenshot would be especially helpful.


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Re: Usage reports for prepaid phones
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The page is downloadable put it doesn't  cover all phones,  sometimes it will cover a call from verizon to verizon and other times its doesn't I went in and checked on my summary list and I don't no why it dose'nt cover all of them so this would not be reliable for what your boss wants it for.