Using Travel Pass with Prepaid Family Plan

Info on Verizon website confusing & I can't reach a live person to clarify/verify (AARGH!).  Rep at local Verizon store even couldn't clarify - told me to call the Int'l Dept (only recordings) & tried Prepaid Customer Service (only recordings) -- doublt AARGH!! 

 - Can I use Travel Pass with my prepaid family plan?  Traveling to France in Oct for 10 days.

- If so, do I need to add money to my account in order to do so (enough to cover anticipated costs)?  What happens if there's not enough in the account?

- Would cost be:  $10/day plus tax/fees -- only triggered on the day I initiate service (call/text)?  Any other surprise costs???

 - When do I call to "enable" Travel Pass?  From here in the U.S. before leaving or after I am in France??

Help please!

Re: Using Travel Pass with Prepaid Family Plan
Customer Service Rep

Auleeole, we're sorry to hear you didn't get the information you were seeking. We always want you set up for success. Travelpass for Prepaid is available as long as your device is compatible. Check out how it works here→