VERY FRUSTRATED: cannot create an account

I just changed my account from a monthly service to the 100/year for X number of minutes. My old profile apparently was deleted, so I can't access my account any more.

When I try to set up a new profile, I"m prompted for my account security code. I don't have it. I tried chat, and they told me to call support. I called support but could never find an option to retrieve my code nor could I get to a person. I tried what chat said to do and IT DOES NOT WORK.

Since I get a phishing email about my "Verizon bill" at least once a day, I'd like to be kept in the loop on what I owe because I will have charges coming due to changing plans.


Sheesh. I"ve been at this for over an hour.

Here's what chat said:

Thomas: I’m so sorry to hear that you don’t remember your account security code! Did you try using the last 4 of your mobile number or 0000 or 9999 or 1234? If not, let’s try those combinations to see if it works!

Thomas: If you have any other issues  you will need to contact our Prepaid department  by dialing 1.888.294.6804. When you hear the prompts select option 1, enter the number, then select option 4, then option 5 and option 4 again. A prepaid representative will have access to your account and give you any information needed.

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Re: VERY FRUSTRATED: cannot create an account
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Another option for your "security code" is the last 4 of your SSN or the SSN of the account owner (which I am assuming is you).  If your previous account was part of a family plan, then the account owner of that plan would be the one to know the security code.