Verizon $50 Refill Gift Card for Prepaid Services

Hello, this past Christmas I received a Verizon $50 refill gift card for prepaid services. This was an accidental purchase as the purchaser thought she was purchasing a "plain" Verizon gift card so that I could pay a bill or buy a new phone. This is not the case with this gift card. So there is no phone number or website to contact to get the balance since I now have to sell the gift card because I cannot use it. So no matter what phone number I call at Verizon to get a gift card balance it always asks for a 11 or 16 digit number (the one that you need to scratch off). Well my card only has 10 digits and the system keeps asking for 11 or 16 digits. So how do I get the balance of this gift card?? This is absolutely ridiculous that I have to spend so much time to get a balance for a gift card. Please help!

Thank you.