Verizon PREPAID no incoming calls

I signed up for a $30/mo PP VZW on Nov 16th. I was having trouble activating with a new service provider and hubby needed his business line to receive incoming calls for picking up his wood.  So went back to VZW prepaid so he would have service. The number was parked at NumberBarn in the meantime (that port to them went thru successfully on Nov 12th).  Plan worked great, except we eventually noticed we were unable to receive any incoming calls.  So, on Nov 19th, I called *611 support, they stated the acct info for porting the number IN was incorrect, gave them the NumberBarn numbers for port, they were incorrect.  Tried acct number for new service provider, but that was incorrect (mind you, line was unable to be activated with new service provider as it gave an error stating the number and phone MEID was in VZW‘s inventory).  On a whim, gave VZW old PP acct number we had used the previous month.  Support stated they had never seen anything like it and that it was odd, but it finally went thru.  So I figured it was settled and the service would now work!  WRONG!  My PP plan had been cancelled all together since I apparently ported OUT.  I can’t even talk to anyone because the line isn’t active anymore and my phone is not with VZW.  Spent over 3 hours on hold getting passed between prepaid and postpaid by using my VZW home line number to get thru to someone for help.  I have about 23 days left on this plan that I would like to use!  Support tried to get me to make a payment again!  WHAT?!  Apparently I forfeited the rest of my plan when I ported the number out!? I was under the impression I was porting IN, that is why I purchased a 30 day plan.  Why would I only use only 4 days of the 30 day plan and then port OUT?!  I simply wanted a line for the man to use.  I rec’d personal emails and messages on the phone (and calls to my non VZW phone stating I needed to call VZW with the correct acct info).  Support actually tried to tell me that when I called them on the 19th, I was porting OUT, not IN.  Really?!  Isn’t that something one does with your NEW service provider?!  All I would like is to use up the remaining time on the plan and internally port our other VZW number to the plan to use the remaining time.  I am too scared to do anything with the original number I wanted ported IN.  It is sitting safely parked for now.  I need an email address, a phone number, something to get some HELP!!

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