Verizon Prepaid - questions about not paying on time


i'm a bit short on cash.

I have the verizon prepaid Unlimited plan on my Droid X2, which is unlimited text and data, which they don't offer anymore.

I'm a bit short on cash this month, and i know i can do without my phone for a week.

My payment of $95 is due on the 26th of each month, and i wont get paid til the 1st, which is a week later.

Will my phone still be able to be paid and activated again?

I've read something about I have 90 days to pay it to get it back on, and keep the same number.

Do they charge a reactivation fee type thing?

I've been a contract holder for about 6 years now with verizon, and finally got out of that, so i'm new to all this pre paid stuff.


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Re: Verizon Prepaid - How long can i not pay and keep my number and plan?
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Hi fishstix,

As a consumer I completely understand your concern and I am hopeful that your issue has been resolved since the original date of your post. If not, I would suggest contacting our Pre-Paid Support @888-294-6804. I hopeful this information is helpful.

Thank you for your involvement in our community forums,


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Re: Verizon Prepaid - questions about not paying on time

You probally don't need this info anymore based on your post, but for anyone else who reads it, here the skinny

Even on the grandfathered prepaid monthly plans, you still have an expiration date based on your last largest payment, The plan you were on was $95 a month, so in your case, your last payment, last month, means you have 6 months of that account being active, and Verizon will not change your price plan without permission. So even if you didn't pay till Christmas, you would still have the number active with the grandfathered plan on it.