Verizon Wireless Prepaid site permissions need to be updated!!

Verizon Wireless Customer Service / Community / Site-Developers,

Please update Verizon Wireless's site for your prepaid customers.

For example,

On the IPhone 7 and IPhone 7 Plus. I wanted to get the new phone. However, the only reason I was unable to pre-pay... through "any" merchant...  Verizon Wireless, Apple, Best Buy, Amazon etc...  It would not let me because it had to verify my wireless account through my cell provider.

Verizon Wireless database/site does not communicate my "Pre-paid" account / plan to "any" merchant as a valid account.

Well first off…I'm paying $45.00 / month automated pay. I'm paying for my phone. Every month it comes out, so I know my account is active and I am doing service with Verizon Wireless. 

This needs to be fixed!!!

Find out where the mix-up is happening between Verizon Wireless database an how that information goes out to the merchants, and "update" this so pre-paid customers can upgrade their phones with new devices. Not only that, a customer, even if they wanted unable to pay money (in full for the phone, so say the iPhone 7 Plus 128GB model... for $869.99) because of a 'glitch' in the current pay and site system.

A male customer service agent "Mike" was the only 1 of 4 that was able to let me know under the current system Verizon Wireless has, pre-paid members are not able to "pre-order" new phones. So they have to wait until the actual sell date of the phone, so for the IPhone 7 / 7 Plus it was September 16th. Once I called back, I got another tele sales agent who stated they didn't know what’s going on, can't seem to order the phone and the only answer was to "try back again in two weeks."

Please, someone respond to this and I will follow the responses I get from designated Verizon Wireless support members for updates on this. This is important to me and all of my friends who enjoy using your cell service and out of all the people I push to use your service, I hope I don't have a reason to just point them to another cell provider.

Through apple's website, the current message displayed when I try to buy a phone at full retails price, contract free, for my new pre-paid line is...

"We're sorry. We can't find your account information with Verizon Wireless. Please verify your information again."

My information is correct, based on 1. Phone Number, 2. Billing Zip Code, 3. Last Four SSN.

If I log into Verizon Wireless Shopping portion of the site, choose the IPhone 7 Plus phone. When I click add to cart, there are only 4 options.

New Customer -- 1. Express Checkout 2. Customize


Existing Customer -- 1. Upgrade 2. Add A Line

For Existing customer, there should be a third option for pre-paid members saying, "Replace Current Phone". This is not a trade in option, this is someone opting to pay full retail price for a phone so they can use it on Verizon Wireless's prepaid service line. 

That's my recommendation.

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Re: Verizon Wireless Prepaid site permissions need to be updated!!
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Getting the newest and latest phone is certainly important. At this time, the new iPhone 7 does not have a Pre-order eligibility for Prepaid accounts. For more details, please reach out to a Prepaid specialist by dialing 888-294-6804. Thank you for being part of the family.

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Re: Verizon Wireless Prepaid site permissions need to be updated!!
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If I was you, I'd just order it from Apple if that's their attitude. Jesus, a device is a device. Nice try, Verizon.