Verizon added data w/o I requested it

I have a 5Gb plan postpaid. I ran out of Gigas, which is ok. However I got a text that Verizon added and now charging 1Gb for $15. Why doing that? I didnt request it.



Re: Verizon added data w/o I requested it
Customer Service Rep

This is the rate of data past your allowance. If you are going over your data, you will want to add a feature known as Safety Mode. This will prevent you from being able to continue using LTE Data, and avoid overage charges. If you continue to use data past your allotment, you will be charged for any GB you use at $15.00 per GB. Safety Mode is a free feature, and will slow down your internet instead of allowing you to use it at full speed. If you are running out of data often, we would recommend looking into a bigger plan. Please let us know if there is any further information we can provide you with on this matter.