Verizon credit card with prepaid account accessing Verizon Dollars

I recently signed up for a Verizon prepaid plan since that best fit my data needs. I also signed up for the Verizon credit card since the rewards categories aligned well with my spending and the resulting Verizon Dollars would cover a meaningful amount of month bill.

I just learned from a customer service representative that while I am earning Verizon Dollars with my credit card, because I have a prepaid plan there is no way for me to use them since I am not eligible for Verizon Up. The Terms and Conditions only references Verizon Up in one place (and not at all on the credit card page), and specifically notes that the rewards outlined in the Terms and Conditions take precedence in the event of a conflict with Verizon Up or any other rewards program. There are two parts the cover redeeming the awards (included below) and neither makes mention of needing Verizon Up or that prepaid plans are not eligible. The Terms and Conditions simply state that you must be an account owner or manager to access and redeem Verizon Dollars, which I am. And as outlined in the same Terms and Conditions, if a Verizon Up account is needed to redeem the Verizon Dollars, that conflicts with what is laid out in Sections 4 and 5 where it says you just need to be the owner or manager of a Verizon Account and therefore the Terms and Conditions take precedence.

Does anyone else have any insight to this? Am I missing something? Did the customer service rep not give me accurate guidance that I can't access my Verizon Dollars unless I switch to a postpaid account?

Thank you for any help!

4. Accessing Verizon Dollars. Earned Verizon Dollars will be stored in a digital wallet that can be accessed through My Verizon online, My Verizon app and the Verizon Visa Card app. Access to this digital wallet is based on Verizon Wireless Account Access Roles. According to these roles, you must be a Verizon Wireless Account Owner or Verizon Wireless Account Manager to access the digital wallet of Verizon Dollars. You do not have to be a card holder to access Verizon Dollars.

5. Redeeming Verizon Dollars. According to Verizon Wireless Account Access Roles, you must be a Verizon Wireless Account Owner or Verizon Wireless Account Manager to redeem Verizon Dollars. However, you do not have to be a card holder to redeem Verizon Dollars. Once Verizon Dollars are redeemed, the balance of Verizon Dollars in your digital wallet will be reduced by the number of Verizon Dollars you redeemed.

8. Integration with the Verizon Up Program: By applying for and opening a credit card account, you agree to be automatically enrolled in the Verizon Up Program or any alternative or successor Verizon loyalty or rewards program for which you may be eligible for membership ("Other Program"). If there are any conflicts between these Reward Terms and either the Verizon Up Program or the Other Program terms, these Reward Terms will govern with respect to the Rewards Program.