Verizon customer service for prepaid.......[removed]
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Verizon customer service for Getting support is like trying to break a stone with your bare hands. The representatives are full of [removed], transfer my call five times and there was no solution. I had to cut off the line after 54minutes.  I need to change to a different provider, any suggestions please? Thank you.

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At&t is next best


What is your issue with Verizon Prepaid?  If you do not want Prepay, just go to another carrier and try to port your line.  When that port is complete you will no longer be a Verizon customer.  As far as carrier...depends on your budget and coverage.  Those are the 2 deciding factors with prepaid.

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This really isn't the "Tell me what carrier to switch to Community Forum" it the Verizon Wireless Community Forum. If you want to let us know what your issue is, we can offer suggestions. However, we will not do research and suggest other carriers for you.