Verizon customer support is awful! Never will get back to Verizon

I wanted to return a recently bought online prepaid smartphone.

The shipment I received from them was missing the return label. So I tried to print it online as provided in the Verizon brochure. However, it had never worked out - upon logging into my account online, the systems says as if I haven't place any order with Verizon over last 150 days, which is not true.

Yesterday, I called Verizon to request a return label - I spent 45 minutes, talked to 5 or 6 Verizon customer support persons asking for return label. Got no label.

Today I called them again, spent more than an hour on the phone, talked to 4 reps, the fifth started conversation, but as soon as I mention I wanted a return label - he stopped hearing me well:) I did not call them again, because I did not have another hour to listen to their answering machines and talk to their service people who are helpless with anything else but selling you something.


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Re: Verizon customer support is awful! Never will get back to Verizon
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I would just go to Fedex or UPS and pay for the return yourself.

Use the address below. Keep a copy of the receipt and make sure the package is scanned in when you pay at the counter.

Insure it for full value since Verizon likes to claim they never get them back.

Good Luck