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I totally goofed. I went to buy a Verizon gift card to pay my bill with. I ended buying a prepaid refill card. I'm hearing that I cannot use the prepaid card to pay my bill, that it can only be used to pay on a prepaid account. The card cannot be refunded or exchanged. Is it true that I won't be able to use the prepaid card?

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Re: Verizon gift card
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Brentlyp79, this is a wonderful question. With the Prepay Refill Cards, you would be unable to put the value of the card towards a Postpay account. I recommend attempting to sell the Prepay Card to get a return in the value placed on the card.

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Re: Verizon gift card
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Why not? Aren't gift cards the same as cash? What does Verizon care what you use it for? I have never heard of any other company who does this. For example, if I have an Amazon card and a Kindle card, both work no matter what you buy. What a rip off!

Re: Verizon gift card
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My 12-year-olds just got phones for their birthday and unsuspecting friends accidentally bought the prepaid refill cards for them to buy a case.  Mistake.  I'm going to have to sell the cards or donate them to the local battered women's shelter.  They do me no good at all except wasting 2 hours of time online trying to figure out what I can do with them.