Verizon is not giving me my Apple Music that my plan say I am supposed to have included
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I have the old Go Unlimited plan which is a grandfather plan, but in my plan under the "Plan Features" tab is tells me all the extras/promos that I am supposed to have and if you look at the pictures it says I am supposed to have Apple Music included. No where on there does it say a 6 month trial period or anything like the rest do(even when I hit the drop down on the Apple Music feature). I have spent countless hours chatting and talking to so many "Customer Care" representatives on this issue its ridiculous, and no one will help me. My plan that I pay for says I am supposed to have it included and I don't and as of right now Verizon will not give it to me. This is outrageous, when you have a plan and can't even get what you pay for. They say it is because "I have an old grandfathered plan" so all they will do is give me 6 months free. NO!! that is not ok, give me what I am paying for and my plan clearly says I am supposed to be getting. I feel like I cant get this issue fixed with the incompetent chat and "Customer Care" people, so if anyone has anyone or any number I can call please HELP ME!! See the pictures below.

Verizon Plan Issue 1 edited.pngVerizon Plan Issue 2 edited.png