Verizon prepaid is not starting out good for me

So..I was all excited to change my service from one prepaid to Verizon prepaid. I purchased a new sim card. I checked to make sure my phone was compatible. I checked to make sure my number could be ported. All systems go! I saw online if you switched they would waive the $45 activation fee. So I got my phone my SIM card my coupon and I head off to Verizon to have them switch everything over. This is where my nightmare started. They set me up with a temporary number because they said that porting my number would not work. They would have to assign a temporary number and then they could Port my number. That was on May 2nd 2022. I run a business where my main form of communication with my customers is my cell phone. They text me orders and they also call me. My phone number was not forwarded until May 6th 2022. So for 4 days I could not receive any business calls or texts. Thus I'm losing money. Also they charged me the activation fee told me that that was only good online. But that is not what it said on the online ad. Oh I wish I would have screenshot that. Needless to say I had to go back to the store after spending hours, YES hours, on the phone with tech support. In the long run it took them eight days to get me to where I can receive texts and make phone calls. It took them 4 days to get my number ported over. Also I can text my husband now but it still comes up with the temporary number. That was never fixed. After all my headaches and everything they gave me measly $10 credit. Saying because it's a prepaid account they could not give me any other credits. Which, if you can give me a $10 credit you should be able to waive my activation fee and pay me for all my lost wages and time. So to say Verizon and I have gotten off to a rough start is an understatement. I am considering finishing out this month and then changing service possibly to another carrier. #Verizonsucks