Verizon’s prepaid plans

Finally...found an answer online because no one would clarify from Verizon...I should be getting that extra 1GB !!!

If you are on either of Verizon’s prepaid plans – $45/1GB or $60/2.5GB – and sign up for autopay, you are entitled to an extra 1GB of data each month. The carrier announced the bonus this morning, which will go live on prepaid customer accounts after their first autopay payment is successfully processed.

For customers already on autopay, the bonus 1GB of data arrive after their next autopay payment is made.

With the bonus 1GB of data each month, Verizon’s plans are only getting more appealing. The $45/1GB plan now becomes a 2GB plan, whereas the $60/2.5GB plan becomes a 3.5GB plan. That’s not quite at the level of AT&T’s $60/4GB plan, which can be reduced to $55 with autopay, but it’s in play

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Re: Verizon’s prepaid plans

That article from May 1, 2015 was a little late with the announcement.  That promo was running before that date.

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Now, as far as your other post I prepay for 1GB of data but got txt saying it will be 2GB

Unless you had 2GB already, auto-pay shouldn't give you 3GB total.