Verizon taking money and deactivating the prepaid phone

I have a prepaid verizon phone, I had it for at least 2 yrs now and never had a problem until last month. I always keep a balance on the phone at least $30 just in case. I have  a $20 messaging bundle due every month. I get a message 3 days prior to the renewal date and make sure the funds are there. The day before the renewal verizon wipes my phone clean and takes all the money, I call them and they say they do that to recycle the phone numbers. I use the phone all the time, they gave me my money back last month but they did it again this month and now they say I need to make a payment before they can renew the bundle when there was money on the phone of $32. And they took it. They see it on record but won't refund. What should i do? I'm very confused and pissed at the same time Help me please?

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Re: Verizon taking money and deactivating the prepaid phone
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This is quite bizarre, Pizzahut! We definitely need to get this resolved ASAP. I would suggest reaching out to PrePay Team. They are best equipped to resolve your concerns. Please contact them at 888-294-6804. Have a great day!


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