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I switched from a post pay plan to a pre pay plan and was given incorrect information from 5 different Verizon people.  I lost all my saved voice mails even though they assured me that I would not.  I had them from my husband and nephew who were killed in an extremely traumatic event a little over a year ago.  I had not listened to them since that day because it was too painfull, but I wanted to be able to listen to them when I was ready.  I have contacted everyone and there is nothing they can do.  Verizon never advertised that you could have a company save them to a CD.  I would have done that years ago.  This is my online chat when I was signing up for the new plan.  Everything she told me was incorrect:

<< Chat transcript removed to comply with >>


Verizon did transfer my number but the 4 people I spoke to last Thursday also said that I would not lose any saved voicemails.  They were wrong and I am totally devastated

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