Voicemail Greeting Keeps getting cut off

Since the voicemail update, I cannot complete my voicemail greeting in full before it cuts me off.  It's not even 15 seconds before I hear a beep and it cuts off.  I have pre-paid verizon. Did they shorten it? it's horrible. I also use this for business.

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I understand wanting to make sure that you have a full message for your business colleagues to hear Smadar8. We would need to investigate why this is not allowing you to leave a proper greeting. I would recommend contacting our Prepaid team with the instructions below.
1. Dial 888-294-6804
2. Enter 1 for English.
3. Enter your telephone number.
4. Will advise you your balance.
5. Press option number 2 for anything else.
6. Then listen for option number 7 for other options.
7. Then it will ask you to speak your reason for calling.
8. When it asks for the reason for calling enter the number 7.
9. Then press option number 3 to speak to a representative.




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