Want to transfer service from flip to android

My flip phone stopped working, just got 30 dollar plan, need a new phone and want to see if i can transfer service to my samsung galaxy.  when i plug the phone in, the verizon screen just stays on, and it won't charge or turn on.  i just put minutes onto it.  i have a samsung galaxy S5 that i could use, but i'm not sure how to go about this.  need to get my phone turned on ASAP for work.

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Re: Want to transfer service from flip to android
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I rely on my phone to keep me connected at all times and definitely want to ensure you have a phone to keep you connected, Colthenbane. If you have service on a Prepaid account, we would recommend reaching out to Prepaid directly here, 888-294-6804. I'm confident they will be able to assist with activating your phone.


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