What's with being charged for picture messages?

I got a text saying on October 14 or something like that, that we will be charged for sending/receiving picture messages now. How much is this going to cost? Also, is there going to be some kind of new plan out there that we could get to still send pictures without being charged? What will happen to the $10 messaging bundles then? 

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Re: What's with being charged for picture messages?
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On the $10.00 plan you will have picture and text unlimited on verizon to verizon and you have 250 texts for other contracts. The message was saying if you forward three pictures to three different people would be a charge for 3 texts, but no charge if its verizon to verizon but if its from or to a different contract like ATT etc. then it would cost you 1 text for each of those three people to send and 1 for each person that received the picture or text message. Actually nothing had changed as the unlimited part its mainly for people that do not have a text plan. So don't worry about it.