When do I get my phone number?

Signed up for pre-pay last night with a my Samsung S3 that was off network for 3 years (used original VZW SIM). That number was ported out to Sprint 3 years ago. S3 shows the old ported out number under settings. I got a "Order is complete" email from Verizon, but it didn't show me the last 4 digits of my new number. What the heck do I do? I called pre-pay support and it hangs up if you don't input your phone number (which I don't have). S3 won't attach to WZW.

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Re: When do I get my phone number?
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nsuter, welcome back! Sorry to learn you are having issues with the port-in. At this time we don't have access to the account but our Telesales Team at 888.924.7937. I'm confident they will be able to assist you.

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