Who changed my Pre Paid Plan?

Checking My Account yesterday I found my account had been changed with no notice to me. I called customer service 22 times and got hung up every time.  How do I get My Account back to here it was?

I have been a customer of GTE then Verizon, so I think I'm a loyal Customer.


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Re: Who changed my Pre Paid Plan?
Customer Service Rep

We understand your concern to have your account corrected. We want you to be able to get assistance.

You can contact our prepaid services by Chat at, Prepaid Plans and Service FAQs | Verizon Wireless or head to a store location to verify and get assistance there. Or you can contact the Prepaid Customer Service at (888) 294-6804

You can find a store near you at, VZW.com/Stores. What was changed on your account?


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