Who do I need to call to get a credit to my account?
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I have been a Verizon wireless customer for 10 years.  I just today switched my 2 phones from contract to prepaid service.  In the middle of doing it on the phone the representative messed up and deactivated both of my phones.  So, then I couldn't make any calls I had to drive to the Verizon store, they had no idea what the phone representative had done and double charged me again $45 + $5 more for 500mb.  They said they couldn't see anything about me signing up for service in the computer system.  The phone operator was already supposed to have set up the autopay already.  So, then they got my phones working in the store after calling the prepaid service line.   Now I'm two hours into my Saturday and I missed picking up my kids on time and the people in the verizon wireless store tell me that I can call back into prepaid to try to get a monthly credit for my troubles and they were sorry for the mishap.  I also had to call in, they stated, to set up my autopay because they could not do that in the store.   Keep in mind the autopay should have already been set up during the first phone call.

So, I call prepaid and the representative was very helpful and polite.  She has to keep going back and forth with her supervisor.  So, they "give" me my $45 double charge back and $5 for my 512mb that I shouldn't have had to pay for again anyway.  Then they say we are "giving" you the 512mb, so that I have 1gb for the month.  I already paid for that to begin with once.  So, after 3.5 hours of dealing with Verizon phone and store I have when I should have gotten in the first place and they refuse to give me any sort of compensation for their F-up!?!?  Are you serious?  I am a nut hair away from leaving verizon completely.

Is there a number for the Verizon headquarters to get someone competent that can actually give some customer retention support?  For instance, directv has their number to the "office of the president" where they will had customers properly and compensate them when the customer has to spend half of their day due to representative incompetence.  They supervisor I spoke with today said she was breaking company policy by giving me a $5 credit to my line, which was just the $5 they took from me twice to begin with!  They didn't even credit the tax I was charged!  I'm very displeased and I expect some sort of resolution to my experience today.

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