Why $35 restocking fee on a device thats not as defined?
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I ordered a verizon CPO iPhone 5 and a prepaid connection on 31st October, 2014. When I received the device, the device had lot of dings and scratches on it, therefore it didn't meet the "Like New" criteria. This ruined my excitement of the new phone. I tried to call the call center but then it was nobody's question and I was just getting bounced from one department to another asking the same question, this took me more than 2 hours.

Luckily I had a verizon store in my city and went and returned the device and connection, they refunded everything except $35 restocking fee.

On my question that why are you charging the restocking fee as the phone doesn't meet the quality check criteria (mentioned in the link below)


I was told to contact customer service for the same as this cannot be taken care in the store. So they took the phone and refunded everything except that $35.

Then I received a call from T mobile my current service provider that my porting request is still "ON", I was surprised as I never activated my verizon phone and returned it, so I called verizon and they informed that the number is getting ported, after some explanation I was transferred to the porting department and porting request was cancelled.

In this whole thing for last 2 days I spent more than 6 hours and went through a lot of stress, just to loose $35 restocking fee, that too because of Verizon's bad quality device.

Request you to please return the fee, so that I don't feel cheated and can consider Verizon for future needs.

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