Why Can't I Refill My Father's Prepaid Phone With Minutes?

I am trying to refill my fathers prepaid phone, but when I dial #pmt it says the card number is invalid.This is the worst company for support at this point I have been trying to talk to an agent for 2 and a half hours.

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Re: Why Can't I Refill My Father's Prepaid Phone With Minutes?
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Look no further help has arrived. We never want you feeling upset. I apologize you are having trouble refilling your father's prepaid account. Have yo tried reaching out to Prepaid Customer Service for assistance?

To reach our Prepay Team, please dial 888-294-6804 from a number other than your prepaid phone. When prompted, enter your prepaid phone number. Then press 4 (for questions or to change something), then 5 (for Store Locations or Billing Questions), then 4 (for Customer Service Rep) and then enter your pass code for your account.  If you do not know the pass code enter in four zeros. Then the system will transfer you to a Prepaid representative.


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Re: Why Can't I Refill My Father's Prepaid Phone With Minutes?

That's almost hysterical.  I spent 4 hours last night, and several additional hours this morning attempting to call Verizon's prepaid customer service, dialing the 888-294-6804 number, along with *611 and 800-922-0204.  I also attempted both the live chat, along with the automated system, and researched the Internet for answers for many additional hours.  Yes, I most certainly did attempt to use the instructions outlined above, along with repeatedly pressing 0, as instructed, and everything else I could possibly think of. I made over 50 calls, only to end up repeatedly getting the automated response "We're sorry you're still having problems with your Verizon Account, goodbye."  Oh, at one point, it actually appeared as if I was going to get rung through to a customer service rep., but after being left on hold for exactly 22 minutes and 56 second, I was disconnected! 

All I was trying to do was to set up my account here, which had been locked!   I just got this phone a couple days ago, and never signed up for a Verizon account before!  There is no reason or legitimate excuse for this.   Yes, I most certainly did have my PIN number and I'm tech savvy!  I most certainly do know how to use a telephone and follow the prompts, but there are NONE relevant to my issue, and is NO option to transfer the call to a customer service representative! 

The simple, not to mention obvious, solution would be to having an option to press 0 for a customer service rep. -- that's a "no brainier"!  Why is there no option for this?  I can't be the first one to complain about this,  so I can only conclude that Verizon is omitting this much needed option intentionally!  Why?  To waste customers time and effort to do all the work of attempting to figure out solutions on our own, rather than employ sufficient customer service employees to handle these issues?  Yes, that's about the only reason I can think of!   What I would like to see now is a class action lawsuit to compensate for my time and effort of being forced to work for Verizon as an unpaid employee!  MY time has value, and Verizon has no right to expect me, or any other customer, to perform hours and hours of work for them for free. 

After a a total time expenditure of over 8 hours, I finally managed to get someone on the phone to unlock my account -- only to receive an automated response that an account had never been set up to begin with!  This is inexcusable and totally unacceptable.  Fortunately, I didn't sign any contracts or get a phone from Verizon, so I will be switching carriers ASAP, and filing numerous complaints.