Why am I being charged for a phone that didn't work and was returned months ago?

I Have been dealing with this issue for months. I see on my bill the bill still reflects a phone which was returned in pepino nh. A new phone was bought for under $100 and I am being charged for a huge amount. I have had my co plan person contact you numerous times. I keep getting told the bill will be gone and month after month it's still there. What is going on?

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Lets ensure we take a closer look into this! What was the specific charge? ( ie, how much)  Was this equipment ordered through Edge or a typical upgrade?

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hi Pamshattuck. Indeed, it is very frustrating what you are going through. However, don't lose hope... Verizon has so many million lines that this kind of "system glitch" unfortunately can happen. Try to contact them again, in a polite manner, and asked them to correct this mistake.

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Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a compliant. Be as detailed as possible with your situation. Typically VZW will respond to these complaints within a few business days. Furthermore, the reps that call in response to these complaints are far more competent with execution of actions discussed to correct the issue.  Good luck..... I've been where you are and it is very frustrating.