Why am I being charged when I have "Unlimited" talk and text?

I'm on a $70 a month pre-paid unlimited talk and text plan. I posted $70 to my account on the 17th. Today I was told that I do not have enough funds in my account to make calls. When checking my usage, it showed that I have been being charged for every call and text that I have made since adding the $70 to my account even though it clearly says right above this information that my plan includes unlimited texts and calls. I'm not very pleased. All of the plans you even offer have unlimited calls and text sooooo I'm really not sure why I'm being charged for this at all. $70 for 3 days worth of service is either the shittiest phone plan ever or something got miscommunicated in the billing process. Either way, how do I get this fixed?

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Re: Why am I being charged when I have "Unlimited" talk and text?
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This would have me just as concerned, KGradz. We recommend reaching out to our prepay teammates. They can help sort all of this out, and make sure your plan is working correctly. Their number is: 888-294-6804

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