Why can't I add any devices?

I bought prepaid nearly a month ago on May 17th. I haven't been able to get my phone to work with the SIM this entire time, so that's 40 bucks down the toilet. It never activated. I tried to sign up for MyVerizon using the phone number so I could try activating it online but it wouldn't let me because it was not activated. So I signed up for an account separately with just my email. Every time I try to use any feature besides shop I get an error. I go to dropdown tab My Verizon > My Devices > Add a New Device
I get an error. The page never loads. I can't do anything

My phone hasn't and won't activate. All the advice I get doesn't work. I tried a full factory reset of my phone and it still does not work (actually that just ended up rendering me unable to use my phone for three days until apple verified me, and then an extra couple of days because my phone is now broken and constantly says that it's too hot and must cool down before I can use it, even after sitting in the fridge. So I'm currently trying to get to get past that. But it still says "No Service in the corner" and the phone number I was given cannot be used to sign in.

So. Question is:

How do I add my device when the web page does not load? What's going on? Does anyone else have this issue? Are there any workarounds I can do?

I really want to get this fixed before Verizon sends me another 40 dollar bill I cannot prevent in two days, am not authorizing due to inability to do anything, and because I have not been able to use their service. I would cancel IF I COULD. Nothing I do works. I don't understand how I'm expected to fix this when it needs  to be fixed for me to actually do anything.

This was not a fun first experience with Verizon and I just want something to go smoothly for once.

My Device (even though it doesn't matter considering it doesn't even work anymore):
iPhone 5s 16GB

I have tried to use My Verizon on three different internet browsers, these being: Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer, all updated versions.

I tried it earlier this week, and it wasn't working then either.

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Re: Why can't I add any devices?
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Help is here for you ar_sky. I'm sorry you are having trouble with your services. Our staff is here to help. How was the account set up? did you use a prepaid card or make a payment on the website? If a card was used, there would be a number on the card to call for support. We also offer over the phone support for prepaid customers at 

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