Why can't an existing prepaid account be transferred to a new phone?

I just purchased a Moto X Pure from B&H in NYC and wanted to keep the $45/month prepaid plan I've been using the past two years with my Moto G (that device was recently damaged and not worth repairing) but was forced to take a $50 postpaid plan offering no extra benefits.   The postpaid plan will remain at 1 GB/month data allowance, but now I will pay $5 more each month plus higher taxes.   The representative at your store explained this is because the Moto X Pure is not a "Verizon branded phone" but it is fully CDMA capable, so I don't understand why the lack of "branding" is an issue.  My new Moto X is unlocked, so now I'm seriously considering changing from Verizon to another carrier if I can find a better deal.  I'm disappointed in Verizon for playing these games.

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Re: Why can't an existing prepaid account be transferred to a new phone?
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We want to ensure you have the best plan to suit your needs and budget. Having a working device is extremely important, so let's get you back in business asap! Please reach out to our Prepaid Support team at 888-294-6804 to ensure you are on the best plan. Check your phone's capability on our network here: http://bit.ly/1jAYu3L

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