Why don't they just renew the main line and suspend the member line?

I combined two prepaid accounts three month ago and both lines had the same plan 40/m, so i got $10  off for the second line, i just need to pay $70 for both lines. BUT sine the beginning, when it was time to renew at midnight , the system just took the $40 for the main line and renewed normally and suspended the member line. when I login in my main line account i just saw the $30 automatically went to the member account and stayed as balance.The website said the plan need $30 to reactive, SO why NOT the system just take the balance $30 and renew the member line????

It happened three times. Every time i need to wait at midnight to see what happened and make sure both lines works, Yesterday when it happened again , i just called the service number ,have been on hold for more than two hours and can't get through ,i cant' wait anymore i need to sleep. so i had no choice i added another $70 to member line account(main line worked fine) and see what happened. The system instantly take $40 and reactive the line.

When this thing happened fist time, i call the rep ,the guy fixed the problem said everything was fine, i don't need to worry about the plan renew next month. When this thing happened the second time , the guy said everything LOOKED fine, and just wait to see what will happened next time. SO yesterday was the THIRD TIME.

So i call rep again ,  the rep always said i need to add the money to main line account, this is what exactly what i have done except the third time (because the system ask me to add money to reactivate the member line), SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM???

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Re: Why don't they just renew the main line and suspend the member line?
Customer Service Rep

Genban, thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. We want to make sure that your account and services are set up the way it should be on our Prepaid Services. I do apologize, but, we don't have any access to Prepaid Accounts on Social Media. I would recommend reaching back out to our Prepaid Team for further review. They can be contacted by dialing *611 from your Verizon Wireless device. Or by calling 888-294-6804. Or you can always log onto your My Verizon App and chat with an agent. I'm confident that they'll be able to get this taken care of.



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