Why isn't mbb.vzw.com working anymore?

Every year for the Super Bowl, I get a month-to-month data plan to use with the Verizon Pantech UML295 USB Modem I bought the first year.

I only use the plan for the week leading up to the game, so afterwards, my account goes inactive.

So every year I have to start over, when the Super Bowl approaches.

This year, I just got my SIM card with the Data Plan, but can't get the Verizon Mobile Broadband Manager to recognize the modem, so I can't keep track of my usage.

And when I try to go to mbb.vzw.com the webpage doesn't respond.

I can't sign up for a My Verizon Account, because it requires a text to be sent to my SIM card number, but I can't view texts on the modem.

Any ideas what to do?

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Re: Why isn't mbb.vzw.com working anymore?
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Verizon has changed up the Prepaid MBB Portal as well!

From a computer with internet access, download the software and then install it on the target computer. Once the software is installed I'm thinking you should be able to add money and purchase a data plan.


*The Verizon 4G LTE USB Modem — UML295 is the only device currently supported.

IIRC, you might try calling Prepaid Customer Service (888) 294-6804 and keying in the 295's phone number. If you're given options then try the option for Tech Support. If it says not a Prepaid Number try calling standard Customer Service (800) 922-0204.