Worst Customer Service I have ever experienced
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Need support from Verizon for our billing and connection problems. We moved to Verizon on Nov, 2020 and since been facing multiple issues. It's been a constant pain and we just want to get out of this network. We have been calling Verizon every 15 days for an average call time of 3 hours, explaining our problems to a new customer representative every time. Even after that there is no solution yet, they keep raising tickets every month but no one has ever worked on those tickets. Its the worst customer service experience we have ever encountered. Hoping someone will volunteer and reach out to help us.

I tweeted my concerns and was contacted by a Customer Service Representative, chatted with him for about 2 hours again but there was no resolution.


There are 2 problems 1) My husband started a BOGO plan on 11/18 based on the email & promotion as shown on the Verizon website. The order details are as following NAME : MANISH BHUSHAN ORDER NUMBER : 1837900 ORDER DATE : NOV 18TH 2020 LOCATION CODE : X528201 NUMBER OF DEVICES : 2 Number associated with this BOGO plan : XXX , YYY Our first bill got delivered at the end of Dec. and in that bill the BOGO promotion was not applied to the either of these numbers. My husband called in and he was told that yes, everything is as per the procedure and next month the BOGO discounts would be applied as required. Then the next bill got generated on Jan 12th and no such discount was applied again, and the bill after that (Feb 12th) also has the same problem. He called Verizon at least 10 or more times , went to Verizon office in Bellevue Mall twice with this issue and everytime he was told it would get resolved, but no resolution happened. Even a ticket was opened on Jan 17th ((Tkt Number 2235-48203), and the representative told that she will take it to completion, but it has been 45 days since then and no resolution yet. Each month we have to call to Verizon stay on call for 2+ hours and explain he entire ordeal again and again and then we are transferred to accounts department, who again ask for the exact same information and the cycle keeps on repeating. After hours of call, they would apply a $30 credit to the account with a promise that we won’t have to call back again next month, but same issue keeps on repeating. Can you please resolve this. Even as I am typing this note I am on call with Version since 9 am and it has been over 2 hours since I am either on hold or talking with a representative.


Issue 2) My husband opened a new account with Verizon on Nov 12th and brought in 5 lines from ATT and 2 lines from T-Mobile (7 lines in total). The main reason why we all came to Verizon was the promo that was going on for $450 gift card when you transfer to Verizon from other network. When we started the account my husband got an email with 7 tracking numbers and we were supposed to get pins for all 7 numbers. He got pins for 5 numbers, but for 2 numbers (ending in xxx & ending in yyy) he never received any pin. This detail is also captured in the tkt Number 2235-48203, and every time this is being brought up with a representative on call, he/she suggests that they are escalating it, but again no results there.

We need resolution with these 2 issues so that we can use Verizon and get some benefit of moving to Verizon from ATT. We never had to call ATT for any issues as they would do the right thing on the first go, but since we moved to Verizon, almost 4-5 hours are gone every month talking to Verizon or visiting Verizon office or being on hold for a representative. It is reaching a point when we are thinking that lets just pay anything that is due and get out of it and never come back or suggest anyone to take verizon ever again.

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Re: Worst Customer Service I have ever experienced
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Similar issues here.  Next stop will be the Better Business Bureau. 

Re: Worst Customer Service I have ever experienced
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We never want to hear that you're having these issues with your service. In your order details, are you seeing that this order qualified for a BOGO? 

What PIN's are you referring to for the rebates?