Zip Code Error

I have spent literally HOURS today trying to pay for my non-contract/pre-paid phone service online for the 1st time. (Have only had the service for 1 month.) Have gone through 3 different "chat" sessions during which I had to regurgitate the same information and consume the same "advice" & suggesions. All 3 of the csr's pointed @ my bank as the problem. That my bank had changed MY address or zip code or some such. I even copied & pasted my billing address (with zip code) info. from the institution's web site into the last chat session. Still, I got the same rhetoric. It's your problem.

It took me 5 minutes to pay my contract VZW service using one of the SAME cards I tried on the VZW non-contract side of Verizon. IOW, the problem did not follow me to the contract phone service side. Rather it remained w/ & is unique to the pre-paid side of VZW. At least it is in my case.

A quick online search revealed this zip code error issue has been going on for years w/ VZW. I don't know if it's confined to the pre-paid side. I've tried three cards from two different financial institutions - ALL of which use my SAME billing address (which has not changed for 10 years or more). I cannot pay the bill online. Not even using the "express pay".

The last person I spoke w/ refused to escalate - wouldn't let me talk w/ the next tier. Ergo, I'm dumping this service. I'll get a burner card service. At least I won't be paying premium prices for poor customer support.



Re: Zip Code Error
Customer Service Rep

I'm sorry you were having an issue with your prepaid account. I wish we could assist.  Please call a prepaid service representative at 888-294-6804.