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For a few years, I paid 50 dollars plus tax every month for prepaid Verizon service which included a 5 dollar monthly auto-pay 'bonus'.  About a year ago, I opted for the new 30 dollar a month plan, and wound up paying a total of 5 dollars plus tax every month for my cell phone service.  This lasted for several months.  Was this due to the auto-pay credits that I had built up?  Will this auto-pay feature continue now that I have had to change my auto-pay amount to 30 dollars to maintain my Verizon phone service? My plan renews on the 9th of every month so does it matter what automatic payment date I set up?  Thank you.

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Having the right details about you plan and its cost is important! Let's make sure you have everything you need. In order to access your PrePaid account details, you would need to reach out to the PrePaid support team directly. They can be reached by calling 888-294-6804 at your convenience.

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