I am considering setting up auto pay when the balance gets low. Is it pretty reliable in terms of not overcharging, not letting you cancel, etc? I signed up for auto shipment of vitamins recently and it took a few months to really get it cancelled. The vitamin company actually double billed me so it was a pain.


I figure vz is much more reputable but wanted to hear experiences with autopay.

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Re: autopay

The auto-pay is a good option.


Keep in mind these things:



1) If you update your card/declare it stolen, you HAVE to update your autopay. This is one of the main things that go wrong and can cause someone to call in very angry about things not working >.>


2) Auto-pay triggers on the night you set it up. So if you choose to set it for the 5th of every month, it won't come out until midnight of the 5th (so basically the 6th)


Other than that, most I've seen are small delays in the autopay triggering when there is a system update going on afftecting the payment systems.