buying a prepaid phone online

why cant I buy a prepaid phone online and have it shipped to an official Verizon store near me.

my address is not an official postal address even though I have been receiving packages for 14 yrs here. everytime I try to talk to someone the say they cant help because they only deal with post paid not prepaid then they give you a phone number to call prepaid customer support which all the numbers lead to an automated message service with no option to talk to anyone do verizion actually have prepaid customer support or is it just for appearance sake I have been given at least 5 different numbers none of which allow you to talk to anyone the last number was 8888447095 which was another automated service this one was for porting a phone whatever that means

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Re: buying a prepaid phone online
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you might  want to get shipped at work or friend/family address.

prepay don't have in store pickup option.