chat bots
Specialist - Level 2

I can put atleast 10 others examples but heres the latest one

while in chat ( my Verizon app) inquiring about a recent issue ( still no real answer)

most of the time you just get repeated scripted replies ( silence as well)

thought would share the newest one from Amelia

and I qoute

this is a test message, can you please confirm if you are able to get my messages? it seems that we are having connection problems. I will continue sending this message until confirmation is provided that the message are being delivered to you



which she did several times

a similar one reads


are you able to see my messages? if so please reply "yes"


and others

this is pretty much all you get in chat ( me anyway) repeated scripts and no help , hours of silence

must be disturbing there naps


I don't find this acceptable