eSIM on prepaid account
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Hi, anyone knows what the plan for supporting eSIM on prepaid account is?

I asked via chat and received:

"At this moment eSIM is not supported on prepaid accounts, only postpaid. Would you like to switch?"

This sounded fishy so I went to a store - same answer initially but after pressing for a bit on "Why?" the lady looked into her iPad and said "I am sorry, I was wrong I can do eSIM for prepaid for iPhone 12, iPad and some other Apple device.

I have Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - so no go.

I would like to know if I should keep pressing (already too much time spent) and if it's a no go now, will that changer (When) and still would like to understand the "Why".


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 


Re: eSIM on prepaid account

Not sure if this is what you are asking but I have an eSim (data only) installed on my iPhone. I have a Verizon prepaid plan. So I think it is more of the phone capabilities. I should say that my iPhone is also sim free, not locked.