Sooo i really needed a phone so my friend gave me her old env2. I went to target and bought a $20 unlimited texting card. She used to use the phone and says she used to buy the same cards for unlimited texting. Buuut i guess it's been a while or something because apparently it needs to be re-activated. I just want to know if this is going to cost anything to call and activate it again. thank youu

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Re: env2
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Did you have the activated and get a new cell number? If you just bought a $20.00 text card your balance would be Zero, so you would need to get a $15.00  for 30 days card or $30.00 card for 90 days etc, once you add money to your account you can automatically have the text package taken out each month. Call  prepaid Customer Service at  1-888-294-6804 to have the phone activated.