how to do a "number lock" or "port freeze"
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I'm trying to identify how to do a "port freeze" on my phone. A previous response to this question from 2020 said that doing a "number lock" would be a similar form of security for the phone, but when I follow the link provided in 2020, that page isn't available. I also don't see a number lock as an option through the website or the MyVerizon app. Is this still possible to do? 

Re: how to do a "number lock" or "port freeze"
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Attempted to do the same.   Found option missing on both web page and app.   Called customer service and after the service rep did some research and possibly consulted with a manager the rep determined that the "number lock"/"port freeze" was not available for prepaid accounts.   Took the rep a long time to find the answer.   A lot of my time was wasted.    Verizon needs to be more up front with what is and is not supported with prepaid accounts.   Now wondering what else does not work with prepaid accounts.   Concerned about finding out at a bad time about other things that don't work.  Unhappy with Verizon regarding the lack of transparency on this.