i'm looking into buying a prepaid phone from verizon on the website..do you think prepaid is good? how is it different from contract?

right now i'm with sprint.i really hate sprint..there service isn't good at all.my contract is up in 2 months.so ive been buying phones from all these prepaid carriers and there service isnt reliable at all.i just buy them to see how there service are..i know it sounds dumb.so anyways that's why i come here...verizon is known for being reliable..so my point is,do you think i should go with verizon prepaid?are there prepaid services good? do you think its a good idea to go with verizon? i just need some advice cause i was gonna port my number from sprint to verizon..so i just need people's opinions..

i am done with 'contracts' so i wanna go prepaid..i dont feel like signing another contract...plus i travel so thats why im considering verizon.

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