im looking for a cheep prepaid plan.

I use to have a family Verizon plan but can't afford it now so Im looking at the prepaid ones. I only need one phone and I really only use texting ALOT so a unlimited plan would be nice. I don't need web access but I would defiantly use it. And I can't pay more then $20-25 a I guess I just need help finding the right plan. any suggestions will help. and! I already have a Verizon inactive phone can I buy minutes/a plan for the old phone?

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Re: im looking for a cheep prepaid plan.
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As long as the old phone you have is a feathure phone and not a Smart Phone is should be  able to be used as a prepaid call customer service just to double check 1-888-294-6804.  You can get an unlimited texting plan for $20.00 that would cover verizon and other service providers there is a $10.00 text plan for verizon to verizon unlimited texting. If you you think at some point you would want to use the cell for voice you can buy the $30.00 plan  which is good cor 90 days and use the 25 cents per minute plan, you would have to add $20.00 text package every month. They do have just text packages which customer service can explain to you when you call to verify that that your old cell will work with the new prepaid plan. You will have to pay $25 or $35 to reactive the old phone.