insert $50 please!

     i have been a verizon customer for more years than i would like to admit. they used to be the premier cell phone service company, best phones, service, the new every two used to make me very happy! i WAS a religious upgrader. always wanted the newest phone verizon was offering. now they have no loyalty for their old customers. my calls drop faster than old ladies in church catching the holy ghost! they know its happening, wont correct it and don't credit it.  i cant even begin to fathom the thought of paying upgrade fees every time i want a new phone. and this new bundle everything plan is the worst! what a joke! but i digress.....

     my initial reason for this post is because i bought a verizon prepaid cell phone from another retailer last wednesday, just a little phone for my child to take back and forth to school everyday, thinking it wouldn't have to be so much drama and headache with replacement should it be lost or stolen.... but service was required through verizon. i got the phone home and activated it and purchased a $50 unlimited talk, text and web plan, not from the internet, but the phone itself. no boxes to check, no signature on the line, no welcome to verizon prepaid explanation of service, no e-signing of documents, just press- this- button- and- there -you- are kind of service. the phone was crap! i immediately repackaged the phone and returned it to the retailer within the hour. easy breezy!

      now comes the hard part. i called verizon to terminate the service and get a refund or cancellation of the payment i JUST made not even an hour ago. much to my chagrin, then begins my almost 2 hours of being "told" so many various and conflicting stories by verizon associates that i was left with a headache and not much respect for their customer service department, (with the exception of one young lady, name i can't recall). i am told by 9, count them, 9 different verizon associates (because my calls kept dropping mid explanation) that i couldn't get a refund because i paid through the automated service. i was told that had i spoken with an associate, instead of the automated service then i could have gotten a refund. i was told that verizon was having problems with phones being sold by the retailer with whom i made my purchase. i was told that i could not receive a credit of the payment to my post paid account. i was told to just let the time run down and then not use the phone (no longer in my possession) anymore. i was told to contact the manufacturer. i was told to contact the retailer (which didn't make sense because they didn't provide cell service).i was told that i should purchase another phone and use the balance on that phone. i was told they understood my frustration (lies....all lies). i was basically told in so many ways to take a flying leap  that i just paid verizon a $52.50 excellence in customer service fee!

     now again, as a tenured verizon customer, i am quite familiar with the post paid automated service disclaimer.... which is not mentioned on the prepaid side. there is certainly nothing in writing, nothing is explained. there are no clear, nor concise rules as to how refunds or cancellations apply to prepaid service.  i explained to several associates, and a few supervisors, that all the information is not made readily available for the consumer to make a conscientious decision, regarding the payment process, because who would anticipate a problem with their cell service????

     after being told my situation was "escalated", and someone would be contacting me within 48 hours, today i called and spoke with verizon yet AGAIN, almost a week later, involving my refund. and today i was given the same song and dance!! can you hear me now??? i was told that i needed to contact my bank and dispute the charges if i wanted my money back! of course i want my money back. so now i'm in a dispute with my bank and since verizon seems to be dealing in some unscrupulous business practices, i could be out $52.50 because of their deceptive business practices. i have already filed a formal complaint with the better business bureau. i just don't see how verizon feels they are entitled to keep payment for service i no longer have! .  i just don't see why this communications conglomerate.... cant' clearly communicated a refund policy for prepaid cell service. maybe they think people with prepaid phones have money to throw away! or anyone for that matter has money to throw away.    

     my regular contract is up in 2013.... it may be time to get a more "fruit"ful company to do business with!ins

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