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Can you still send and receive texts if you are late on your monthly $50 prepaid plan?

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Nope. If you don't pay for the service, you don't get the service. That's the way that prepaid services work. You have 30 days after the date of your $50 payment, and after the end of the 30th service day, the plan will automatically try to renew itself in Verizon's systems. If you have money on the account balance, the plan will automatically renew, but if not, or you don't make the $50 payment IN FULL, you will not have the unlimited service. If you can't afford the full $50 payment, they do offer text messaging bundles at $10 and $20 price points, and have a plan that charges only 2 cents per text message. HOWEVER: text messages en route to your phone WILL still be delivered when service resumes, regardless of whether or not there was any lapse or period of time in which your service was not paid for but the number was still active. Finally, if you make a partial payment, MAKE SURE that you change your plan before you use your phone! If you stay on the $50 plan without paying for it upfront, you're defaulted to basic rates, which are 25 cents/min talk time and 20 cents/txt msg!