moto g data package not working

I bought a moto g somewheres around the 16 of may.  i used my 512 gb of data pretty quickly so i signed up to get the auto pay and 1gb every month (but this doesn't start till next pay period).  however i was under the impression that if i added a data package this would be activated immediately.  however after purchasing the 3gb data package (this was nearly 24 hours ago) i still have no internet connectivity of any kind (through just the browser or any apps).  the only way i am able to use internet is through wifi (and i don't have good signals around my house)  my question is how do i fix this problem and use the data i have paid for?  Thanks!

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Re: moto g data package not working
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I'm quite suprised that your data didn't start working within a few minutes jansevr! I would suggest calling our Prepay department to find out why the data still isn't working. Prepay can be reached at 888-294-6804.

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