new phone/plan: no coverage

 I got the phone set up. The recorded lady read me through each step. Everything was paid for. I used the 30 dollar card. The recorded lady tells me we're finished, and all systems seem go when I hang up.


Then no coverage. can't call anyone. not even verizon. I don't even get the text with the temporary passcode from this page when I try to register in the hopes that will help me sort the problem. 


What in the world is going on? I'm in the middle of the city. Why no coverage? I'm in the same place where I set it all up, with that lady who was recorded. My textual responses at that point were all good. What happened?? 


Then I have to register online about three times in three different ways just to try to get some message through to somebody, praying against my better judgement that it will make some kind of difference. More likely 50 bucks and an hour and a half down the hole, I fear.


Kill me now. 


I've been living in Korea and Malaysia over the past few years, where all these problems don't exist. My phone's a Samsung too! No problems over there in Asia (even in a different language!). It's a maze in America. Frustrating.

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Re: new phone/plan: no coverage
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It can sometimes take up to 24 hours before the cell gets activated its rare but it does happen, Is your battery charged? Does anything show up on the phone face part where there would be words or a picture? Do you get a dial tone? Have you tried 611 send? Sorry for all the questions.

Re: new phone/plan: no coverage
Verizon Employee

Thank you to the community for your assistance.


Killmenow, Is your service working now? From what I understand it appears that you have Prepaid Service. Please call our Prepaid department at 888-294-6830 for additional assistance. 


Thank you and we appreciate your patience.