numbers unblocked

I have a motorola and i use verizon prepaid. I had two numbers blocked. one recently and one from a long time ago. I did a regular restart of my phone because messages wasnt working properly and when the phone turned back on i had a message from a number i had blocked and when i checked my list both numbers previously blocked are now unblocked. i'm worried i could have been hacked by the person i recently blocked. is there a way for them to do so without physically having my phone? and info would be helpful. i really don't want to change my number. thank you

Re: numbers unblocked
Customer Service Rep

Hello, LCWilson26. This is definitely concerning. No worries, as we are here to help. To clarify, when was the number blocked originally? Also, how did you block the number? Online, or through your phone? CourtneyM_VZW