outstanding balance

does anyone know, if you have an outstanding balance with verizon but in good standing, if you can get a prepaid service before paying off the balance.  my phone died and i need one asap and they wont let me upgrade till my balance is paid in full even though i am current on my payments..

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Re: outstanding balance
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Moving from postpaid to prepaid service will probably require you to be paid up on your account because it changes your account type, and how payments are made and applied.


You don't need to switch to prepaid just to activate another phone.  You can activate most Verizon-branded phones that are not on the "blacklist" for being marked lost or stolen, just look for a cheap basic model on eBay, Craigslist, or ask friends/family if they have a spare lying around.  You CANNOT activate phones that are packaged for prepaid service until they have been used on prepaid for at least six months, however, so look for a used device that was used with a postpaid account.