payment issue
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A story begins nicely like always.

I paid $100 for my prepaid phone at a corporate Verizon local store, and got receipt and confirmation txt message.  My previous balance is $27.

But now two days later, I could not make a call and Verizon keep sending message saying I have $0 balance and service expired.

I called CS and they saying not see the payment in their side.

I went to the local store a few times and one nice guy finally called for me to CS.

This nice guy was also frustrated by talking to the CS and then hang up and call their manager.

After a lengthy talking/verification, it ended up I have to wait for their investigation on where the funk*ing money goes to finish before getting any solution, it could be up to several days or even longer.  I was offered an option to pay another $15 to make my phone active before their investigation ends, which I declined as I don't want to lose another $15 on top of those $127 bucks!

Now I have to wait patiently and pray for God.  I am asking can my fate get better??

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