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Am an american currently living in Sweden- have purchased two pay as you go phones for use while here visiting.

Bought them in a Best Buy and paid for first month.

When trying to re-load online I am unable to pay with my Mastercard since it has a foreign address.

Have tried for two days to find a way to speak to a live representative - have tried repeatedly to access live chat but get the "All of our live chat representatives are currently assisting other customers" each and every time during the past 48 hours.

Seems to be no way to actually contact Verizon except through irritating automated systems!!!! And I am not wanting to lodge a complaint or the like, merely to give Verizon more of my money before my plans run out!!!!!! Spending my data on trying to solve this in addition!

Anyone (preferably a Verizon rep) who can help or advise?


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Re: payment with foreign credit card
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I appreciate all your efforts trying to get your payment in, Franklbritt. In order to make a payment with an international card on any account, you will need to speak with a representative. We do have a fantastic Global Support Team that can be reached toll-free from a landline in Sweden at 00 800-50050099

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Re: payment with foreign credit card

what should I do if I have the same issue but within the United States. Im trying to make a payment with an international card and I am not able to reach any representative.

Re: payment with foreign credit card
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